Managing Director


My passion to serve and protect others started when I was called up to serve my country in the SANDF.

In my early 20’s I commenced my security career as a cash in transit officer. Within 6 months I was promoted to senior team leader. Not long after that I started pursuing my career as a CPO. Since that time my career has evolved and I have subsequently been involved with high risk security CPO work, armed escorts, strikes as well as farm protection. We have also done extensive work with groups protecting their cash centers following tip-offs of a proposed attack.

Operations Director


Nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing the look of appreciation on my client’s faces knowing that they are safe after a risky day.

It was at a young age that I fell in love with high risk security work. Protection is my passion and in order to ensure that my clients receive the absolute best service, I enhanced my capabilities by undergoing numerous courses in this industry. To name but a few, I am a fully trained CPO, Fire arm instructor, Range officer and Assessor.

There is no greater honour for me than to deliver my client safely home to his family.

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